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Coming Together
“Laughter is the sound of people buying what you’re selling.”

You’ve seen them on Netflix, CBS, ABC, NBC and Comedy Central. When they’re not appearing in sitcoms or performing for crowds, Heather Pasternak and Gerry Katzman are helping their corporate clients (Microsoft, Cisco, Netflix, American Express) embrace the transformative power of comedy.​

The goal of this training is to arm your sales team with the performance skills to get and keep client’s attention, form meaningful connections and increase your bottom line. To achieve this, we propose the following modules:

Authentic Sales Techniques

Actors and comedians have the ability to win over any room while exuding charismatic authenticity. In this 60-90 minute module we’ll reveal powerful secrets from the performer’s tool kit like: getting present (an effective physical, mental and vocal warmup), context-centered goal setting and creating on-camera likability for the virtual environment. The training will be fun, experiential and interactive.

Bulletproof Communication 

In this module we’ll share the time-tested techniques that comedians use to stop hecklers in their tracks. These will include: instant reframing, reflective listening, embracing imperfection and transforming opposition into opportunity. Your team will become so bulletproof they’ll look forward to difficult customers! 


The Creativity Lab

“Great innovation happens when people aren’t afraid to do things differently.”


It’s been said that the most important ingredient to innovation is playfulness. In this training we’ll ignite your team’s collective genius by encouraging playful collaboration using a variety of improvisational techniques. 


Then we’ll conduct a breakthrough brainstorming session where we’ll find new approaches to the challenges your team faces every day. By creating an environment where there are no bad ideas or small contributions, we’ll cultivate a fresh, fun opportunity for team-building and creative problem-solving.


*Note: Modules can be shortened, lengthened, or combined for optimal experience.

Contact Heather and Gerry to discuss. 


Suggested package price 20k. 

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