'Laughter is the sound of people realizing

that they are not alone."

Heather has done many corporate events. Her TV credits include CBS's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Fox's New Girl, The Mindy Project, etc. Whether hosting, doing stand-up, writing/creating content or booking talent for your company's event, Heather will deliver programming that adds substance and comic relief to any corporate gathering. She offers clean comedy, tailored to specific topics and/or beloved staff members.. Depending on the length of your event, type and amount of content created and any additional specifications, prices range from $1,500 - $10,000. Heather looks forward to customizing a program that will meet your company's needs, budget and foster a sense of camaraderie 

Heather opened up a very special event for us here at Cisco and she was absolutely hilarious! The event was a celebration of female creativity in tech and entertainment and jointly organized by Advanced Imaging Society and Cisco’s Women in Tech groups. Having Heather kick off the event to a very large group of female and male tech people (aka geeks) was shockingly funny and probably the funniest thing that ever happened at Cisco!


Serpil Bayraktar

Distinguished Engineer at Cisco and Founder of Cisco WIT

I’ve booked Heather for Silicon Valley based events and she nails it every time. Corporate events aren’t always easy, but she has the right mix of courage, smarts, and humility to tailor her material to fit the room perfectly. Whether it's a group of Hollywood types or engineers, Heather’s sets leave her audiences laughing and inspired, both as women and as professionals. 

Lisa Gerber,

Alchemy Tech and Entertainment Group LLC