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The Comedy Partners Present:

Confident Communication Training

A deep dive into the art of charismatic authenticity, abundance-mentality

teamwork and breaking down the barriers that keep us from making fearless requests. 


Heather Pasternak and Gerry Katzman (The Comedy Partners) are award-winning performers and trainers. Their years of experience appearing on networks like NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, Netflix and Comedy Central have uniquely positioned them to unlock secrets of the professional performer’s tool-kit for the corporate world. 


Clients like Cisco, American Express, Amazon and Netflix have all used The Comedy Partners to help train their employees towards more persuasive presentations, increased sales, enhanced teamwork and greater personal satisfaction. 


Day One: The Art of Authenticity 


"This group has never opened up to each other like that before. You touched everybody in the room. A truly remarkable experience."

-Rog Sherwood, Global Strategy Media & Entertainment, Amazon

Most team-building work fails to address the essential conditions necessary for true collaboration. 


In this training we will begin by bringing each participant to an enhanced state of calm. Once achieving this flow state, where fear and concerns about looking good are dissipated, we can begin to examine our own, often unconscious, limits to fully receiving and encouraging the contributions of others. 

Locating unknown obstacles to creativity and instantly dissolving them will result in new levels of openness and trust, setting the stage for Day 2.


Day Two: The Joy of Fearlessness

“A person's success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations they are willing to have.” 

- Tim Ferris

Most workers neglect to discover and solve client’s problems because they haven’t been trained to ask probing questions and make bold requests.


In this module, we will transform your team members’ ability to have difficult conversations by rehearsing them in a series of playful yet realistic simulations.


Whether it’s asking for honest feedback, discussing marketing strategy, or defining fiscal goals, your team will actually look forward to difficult conversations and the improved opportunities those conversations can provide.


Suggested package price $30k

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